Our Queens





Champion Annagh Maikki of Trappistini. [3:11:2000 ]                                            

   ( Wrevenik Ryn x Trappistini Anselmina)


I very nearly did not keep Annagh Maikki  because as a kitten  her muzzle was

 on the short side. But then, she was so pretty, and her colouring unusual

–( she is a tortie silver shaded and white and carries dilute),  so I decided to run her on.

 Just to be sure of her quality, she was shown  at a CA International at four months of age.

 Annagh was awarded an Excellent, and received nice comments  - which included

 “the best ears in the group”- I was reassured.  She has continued to do well, and was made up

 to champion in April, 2002, in straight shows.  In September, 2002 she had her first litter of 5  lovely

 kittens, and in February, 2004 has  produced her second litter, one of whom  [Alys Gwenlyn ] has now

 gone to New Zealand as a breeding queen.  Jennet  a lovely silver tortie tabby born in May, 2006 is

staying at home to join her mum as a breeding queen.



                     Annagh                                                                       Alys





  International Champion Trappistini Annis. (24:08:2002)


      Annis was shown for the first time at 10months and 5 days of age.

   She was awarded her first CAC,  nominated for BIS and made up to Champion  two shows

   later  whilst still only 11 months of age. Judges have been particularly pleased with her length

    of body and high legs and her excellent ears and good muzzle.

   She is a very attractive girl, with a coat that is similar to her mother – Annagh -  and her

    temperament is excellent.  She has continued her show career, and was made up to  International

    Champion in straight shows, aged 1 year and 8 months.  She has been up for the nominations for BIV

    and BIS in all but two shows. She has now had her first litter of six lovely kittens, with Masai as the sire.






            Trappistini Alicia  [ Trappistini Anselma x Trappistini Bonifaccio.]




Alicia is out of the lovely Anselmina who is no longer breeding.  She had her first litter  of kittens in 2006,

One of whom named lady Penelope,

                                                            has gone to Scotland to  be a breeding queen.


Gwenneth Anselme of Trappistini.


            Looking very much like her mum, Anselmina, Gwenneth is a red silver girl

 who looks like a shaded. In her two kitten shows she has been colour assessed, but, like me,  the judges  were not

absolutely sure. When she gets her adult coat  perhaps the matter will be resolved.



  Ch.[TICA] Trappistini Imogen.  [Kassaro MrJinxybear x Karolou Mikeyla]






 Trappistini Hunwith Elowyn.





  Hunwith is another daughter of Anselmina She has a lovely head and excellent boning.

I had hoped to put her on the show bench, but she hates the car and is travel sick, and so has stayed ay home.

Her babies are gorgeous!.  Her next litter of kittens is expected in November, 2006.





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